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    Advertising on
     What we do:
    We are a network of farm websites that generates leads for your loan business.   We have agreements with several agriculture websites that are visited by your target audience: Farmers.  They send us people who are interested in financing for their farming operation. 

    We also have high placement for target keywords in search engines to find more of your target audience.   We do not email or spam.  We consider that intrusive, as do many farmers.  If someone is looking for financing, they will seek it out.  We just make sure that those people find us and your services!

    How it works:

    Once a farmer or potential client sees our website link or advertisement and clicks on it, he or she is presented with the page you just came from that has the list of financing companies.  If you are listed on our website, the visitor who clicks your link and company description will be taken to a page resembling your website only with a contact form.  The contact form can consist of various information fields of which can be determined by your company.  (Example: name, address, email, phone, type of loan looking for, etc.) 
    Once the person completes the short form requesting more information about your financing services, a copy is sent to you and one to us.  We keep the information just a record of how many leads we generate for your business. We do not sell the information to anyone.  Your lead is exactly that:  yours! 

    What does it cost?

    The cost is based on the number of leads generated by multiplied by the agreed upon price per lead, or a flat monthly rate.
    How to get started?
    Send us an email.  We can discuss what you are willing to pay for each lead we generate and answer any questions you may have.  We look forward to working with you to help grow your lending business!

    Please send us an email if you are interested in advertising on and a representative will contact you.
    Or, you can call us at:  573-225-5039 
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